Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visit to Iraha Elementary School

Today was the most wonderful day! We visited an elementary school in Tomigusuku City. Here are some highlights:

"Ohayu gozaimasu!" That means "Good morning!" The principal and student greeters (5 boys and 5 girls) greet every student with this greeting as they walk in. (No one comes by bus or car.)

Look at this beautiful courtyard! The students work to take care of it.

The students were very excited to see us! They even asked for our autograph!!

We walked around and visited classes. The students all wanted their picture taken, but they had to listen to their teachers!

Students call their teacher "Sensei." They don't use their names. This is a math class.

In English class, students played a vocabulary game in a circle. They took their slippers off before coming into this carpeted room. It was so much fun!!!

The library looks a lot like ours, except without computers. Kids have a special bag to carry their library books.

I had lunch in the classroom with a second grade. I gave them some awesome Horace Mann pencils -- thanks PTA!!!

After lunch, it's time to clean up! Kids move the desks and grab brooms.

Some students sweep, clean desks, wash floors, empty trash, or rake outside. Everyone has a job to do!Some students sweep, clean desks, wash floors, empty trash, or rake outside. Everyone has a job to do!

After clean-up, I read the class a Halloween story. It was a rhyme and riddle book in English -- they knew all the answers!
Recess time - some kids ride unicycles! These unicycles belong to the school.

We participated in an assembly of Eisa traditional dance. We learned to play drums while we learned the dance moves.


Anonymous said...

How much does a yan coast?

Anonymous said...

what are the instriments

Anonymous said...

Why Do They Learn How To Ride Unicycles?

Sandra - James H. Johnson

danielle d said...

I really want to go to Japan. It looks so cool. The food looks great. i really want to try it. Maybe I might come. I wish. Japaneeze music sounds so good.
danielle detrville

Anonymous said...

why do you have to wear red and blue while you were playing the instriments? also why do they have to learn to ride unicycles? from, lindsey

andrea and monica said...

did you like it there?

Morgan said...

Did you have to wear a costume or a uniform for the dance? Was it fun? From;Morgan Letendre 5W

Anonymous said...

i think your blog is allsome! Fun for the whole family we love to hear about every thing you did we are happy that you are back at Horace Mann. From the Handley family.