Friday, October 17, 2008

First Impressions

Do you know what the capital of Japan is?

Tokyo is a huge, amazing city. It's a mix of old and new; of traditional and ultra-modern. The streets are full of people -- everyone is going somewhere, day and night. On our first full day, we had a bus tour; we visited the National Diet (not food -- it's the Parliament House!) and had some time in the Asakusa neighborhood. I had already been out to visit the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market (more on that later) before dawn! It's still dark, but the hustle and bustle is like rush hour. I've also been out to see neon Tokyo by night. The lights are so bright, it feels like daylight! Here are a few pictures of my first days:

The Asakusa Temple

School kids in uniform

Shinjuku district by night

Vending machines sell everything!

Typical street scene


aisling said...

You're the Best!
<3 I look forward to seeing more entries.

Anonymous said...

was ihat hot in japines anad do they have difiend food

Anonymous said...

The buildings are cool