Friday, October 24, 2008

Junior High & High School Visits

Junior High School students sit in rows at the Welcoming Assembly
Here in Okinawa, we also visited a junior high and a high school. The students wear uniforms here. All students in Japan have to complete up to Junior High, which is 3 years (like our 6th - 9th grade). In their last year, they study hard to pass an entrance exam for high school. Most students plan to go to high school, which is also 3 years. The school day can be long - most students stay for after-school clubs which begin at 4:30 or 5:00!

Kids clean their classrooms twice a day. These junior high girls are sweeping after lunch. Other kids wash desks, scrub the balcony, mop the floors or empty trash.

Kids study a lot of the same subjects that we do... (except calligraphy, of course!) All students in junior high and high school have English class. The classes are big. My favorite classes to observe were the English, music and art classes. Art and music are universal languages!
Boys and girls in this high school wear white shirts as uniforms (it's hot in Okinawa!) I love the big 2-part chalkboards in the classrooms. Teachers slide them up and down and write on the lower part.
Look closely... I guess some students weren't too interested in their science class!


pauline said...


Who knew you were in Japan?? You are like the little traveling Gnome. It's a good thing you got your motorcyclce license before you left, maybe you can find a nice scooter and take a side road adventure!! It's wonderful to see you enjoying yourself, I hope you have a safe and happy journey. Bring me back one of those big fat tuna's, the wasabi is on me.
Love you lots, stay well


Anonymous said...

lindsey and jared

whats up!

nice photos

Anonymous said...

hi miss korff. me and nick love your KA-RA-TE vidos.

from nick and justin

Jessica & Amna said...

I think its really cool that you went to a school in Japan and I was just wondering, what kind of things they teach there? Do they learn other languages like we do?

Christopher (5K) said...

Lol the Food really makes me hungry. It seems Quite interesting how Students go to school in Japan.
Seems nice.

ashley and thomas said...

Do you like japan schools.Also are you a good japanese student? I know your a great spanish teacher! Do you like fried worms! According to tom's cousins dad their good!Are you good at japanese school? Do you like food in general from Japan?are there hotels good to sleep in,if you stayed in one for the week. How long was your trip to Japan? Was it 11 hours to get there?

Jackson said...

wow japan people are alot different than american people