Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Japan around the corner

It seems like I've been preparing for months! Last April, I received the news that I had been selected as a participant in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund (JFMF) teacher program. How exciting!! What does it mean? It means that I'll be a guest of the Government of Japan for three weeks! I'll be visiting schools and observing how Japanese kids and teachers work and learn. I'll be immersed in a brand new culture... I won't understand a word! Now, this far-off trip is just around the corner -- I leave on Sunday!

Yesterday's Courier Post has an article about my upcoming trip. You can read it in the Cool Links section.

Students, parents, and friends: What are your questions about Japan?


Susan said...


RJ and I are looking forward to following your blog... Have a safe trip.
Susan and RJ

andyzmuda said...

Have you made any friends on the trip? Olivia