Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home, Tomigusuku Style

How would you like to live with another family? What if you didn't speak the language and ate completely different food?? As a way to get to know the culture, it can't be beat!
This is my homestay family in Tomigusuku City, Okinawa. Even though their English was limited, (and my Japanese is even worse!), we were able to communicate and have a great time together!

I brought them some gifts from home, including a Horace Mann T-shirt, Phillies sweatbands, a Flyers cap, some American candy, and a picture book of Philadelphia. They really liked them!

My "host dad", Takashi, is a pilot, and flies all over Japan. The mom, Mayumi, manages a company. They were so kind and generous. Their house had a great view of the city.

We prepared a Japanese dinner together. They taught me how to shop for and prepare sushi, and how to make tempura. Their children and 2 baby grandchildren came to meet me and have dinner with us!

Mmm... Here's the feast I helped to prepare. See the tempura I fried? I learned to roll sushi right at the table, and what ingredients are combined together when you combine different kinds of raw fish, rice, seaweed, and sauces. By the way, I'm getting pretty good at using chopsticks for everything! And their baby grandson is learning to use them too!

My room: I had a great night's sleep on this tatami mat.
Most Japanese houses have a tatami room, and some families sleep here every night! The futon is kept behind shoji screens in the room - like a giant closet on the whole wall.

My family and I visited some famous places in town, including this huge underground cave. Okinawa also has a lot of caves that were used as hiding places during World War II. Some of the history was very sad. We visited one, and then also went to the Peace Memorial Museum.

Their grandson Kesuke came with us. We visited, played and sang songs together.

Our stay with our host families was short, but we had a wonderful time and learned a lot from one another. It was hard to say goodbye! But I hope to show Takashi & Mayumi around when they visit New York next year!


Anonymous said...

Ican not bealive you are in my class room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I misse you.

Anonymous said...

What food did you cook?

Anonymous said...

it's so cool. I wish that I could go to japan too. I wish I could have just as much fun as you did.
from asher

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cool when i saw the karate movie.from jacob

Anonymous said...

this lookes like good food
I cant wait until I go too Japan!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wish I could go there, too!
David (from Johnson)

Kim said...

That was so cool that you were in Japan. I enjoyed your pictures!
Allison (Johnson)

bailey said...

Dear Senora Korf,

How was your trip to Japan?
I bet it was great!
But my real question is, is what is the time differents in Japan?
I hope you had a great time in Japan,
Belita Cohen

Anonymous said...

What school is that? And the cave
looks is cool and scary.

Anonymous said...

I think that this picture makes us stand united. Telling us that from any backround, we are still the same people inside.